Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Look at What Soju does to you...

You might ask... "What is Soju?" ... my response.... SOMETHING DANGEROUS!! Soju, is a liquor made in Korea, from what I have been told it is not regulated, therefore, since it is not regulated the consumption of Soju can effect you differently each time. For example, one day you maybe able to drink many glasses or shots of Soju and not get drunk, but the next day or a week later you might get drunk off of one glass. I do not mess with the stuff. I am not trying to be no where I am not supposed to, especially without my knowledge.

Well, JAN (Jessica and Nancy (My ROK BFF) (ROK BFF = Republic of Korea Best Friend Forever) discovered this man in the subway knocked out on Soju. Have fun with the video, and again. I don't make this stuff up I just report it. If you have a weak stomach DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO! LOL!!!

Please click the link to view the video A look at what "On Soju" looks like

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